Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit, either. ~Elizabeth Zimmerman

05 July 2009

Never Want to Let You Go! Follow the Flock and Fall in Love, Swans Island Spins a New Yarn!

If you ever have been fortunate enough to wrap yourself in a blanket, scarf or wrap from Swans Island you know the true definition of simple luxury! I consider Swans Island blankets to be Elegant Comfort Food for the Soul and Self-from a loom. Each piece is woven by hand from wool from their own Corriedale sheep. The wool is spun by Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont then back to Swans Island in Northport Maine where the magic happens.

It was a joy to visit their showroom in Northport Maine. The studio is housed on a 17 acre farm along the beautiful mid-coast of Maine in an 18th century farmhouse. It is much like visiting a gallery as you stand and look at blankets and wraps and baby blankets all hanging to be admired but be sure to touch-that is where the connection begins.

I am far from alone in my appreciation and genuine adoration of Swans Island. The line has grown and expanded and received wonderful press because it is the real thing, bound to tradition, committed to the belief that beauty and utility are not mutually exclusive. Swans Island is authentic, each piece created with care and love for the work put in, an original. Yet, the beauty is so basic, so simple, so easy, from Swans Island.

This spring Michele Obama became a fan. Mrs. Obama needed an American handcraft to present as a gift to the Prime Minister of Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, a blanket of green and yellow was selected and she reportedly fell in love with Swans Island as does anyone who just touches one... and now they are giving every knitter a gift... and I am in love!

How exciting to discover that my favorite blanket company(the best baby gift any baby can receive) has introduced their first skeins of yarn! There are two weights-fingering, at approx 568 yds a hank, and worsted weight at 250yds. Approximate retail per skein is $29.99. The colors are lovely, soft blues, yellow, tweedy beige, natural, gem purple,happy pink,rich blue...I do hope they replicate the colors they use in their blankets soon but believe me I had no problem finding colors, what I did have a problem with was putting down the skeins...I just want to walk around with them all day! Knitters run for the needles...I don't know that any other wool will do after playing on Swans Island.

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